Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ottawa Poet William Hawkins

Free series, open-mic at 8 p.m. followed by feature at 9 p.m., Royal Oak II Pub, 161 Laurier Ave. E., Sept. 13: Ottawa poet William Hawkins

We learned from Mr. Hawkins that the price of 'fun' was a lot cheaper back in the 60s...especially in Mexico. He mentioned something about a grocery bag full of 'stuff' (my euphemism) procured easily for five bucks and other OTC specialties for mere pennies... Another time, another place.

In attendance this evening was his long-time friend, Roy MacSkimming, author of The Perilous Trade: Publishing Canada’s Writers. MacSkimming also wrote the introduction of Hawkins' latest book, DANCING ALONE: Selected Poems. These two also collaborated on Shoot Low Sheriff, They're Riding Shetland Ponies back in 1964. Incidentally, you may also read MacSkimming's introduction online at poetics.ca. Speaking of poetics.ca...rob mclennan wrote about Hawkins spring 2005 launch of Dancing Alone on his blog page here.

It was a hot and steamy evening in the basement on this unusually warm September evening. There were a dozen talented readers at the open mic portion of the reading - some old and young - providing a great mix of poetry and prose.

Hawkins and MacSkimming pose for a quick photo after the reading.

Among the various announcements made during the reading, James Moran reported that he and Jennifer Mulligan will be stepping down as organizers of the Tree Reading Series this coming winter. Change is inevitable I suppose. They are looking for others to step up and take over the reading series after their five plus years of bringing talented authors to the Ottawa public. Anyone with ambitions of poetic grandeur in Ottawa should contact James or Jennifer.