Tuesday, September 27, 2005

David McGimpsey Rawks

There are a only few people I would love to be able to write like. David McGimpsey is one of those people. I saw him read at the Ottawa International Writers Fest last fall and he was very much a comedic highlight of the event. I remember saying in my blog about the panel he was on:
"The assembling of writers for one event must be difficult. Again, tonight's 5:30pm event was no different. David "Pass-the-peanutbutter" McGimpsey was paired with Donna "I'm-originally-from-Newfoundland-so-don't-hold-it-against-me" Morrissey, and Beth "How-did-I-get-stuck-reading-with-McGimpsey?" Powning. A stand-up comedian meets, a dramatist and a writer who remembers her grandmother. Interesting combo. "

Interesting combo indeed. Judging from Tuesday evening's performance at Tree Reading Series, McGimpsey truly deserves a stage by himself. He is the full package: lush curly hair atop his big noggin, talented writer, excellent stage presence, and everyone's 'pal'. Who could resist his charm? People of Ottawa, you must have been sleeping. Why else have you passed up the opportunity to catch him live? Or you may have been just satisfied to buy his latest book of short fiction, certifiable (fictions). You can also read one of his latest articles, a travel piece entitled, That's Some Pig in enRoute Magazine. One of Canada's most expensive magazines -- you have to buy an airplane ticket to get the thing, but at least you can read some articles online.

If you liked reading fellow Montrealer Jon Paul Fiorentino's Asthmatica, you've got to read McGimpsey's work. One day they'll each win the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour and you'll know why. As for myself, I only hope to win the medal - on eBay - if one is ever put up for auction. See? That's me trying to be funny...


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